Sunday, January 30, 2005

Picture Collections of Jan 29th RAS.

Above are drawing from January 15 entitled; Going to Makkah. 3 rows below are from yesterday's RAS. In my humble opinion, they really wonderful. Kids are really creative if we let them be. Don't judge them, just let them use their own imaginations. Posted by Hello

Kids and mums. Listening to Kak An's story. Posted by Hello

Reader should always include listeners during Read Aloud. Be patient and cheerful so that our listeners will feel relax around us, especially during reading. Posted by Hello

Big books always a good choice for read aloud accept that they are not very easy to handle. Insya-Allah we'll find an easel for them later. For now, we try to manage by using another chair. Posted by Hello

Look at ikhwan, really absorbed in drawing the animals. Sorry, don't think I'm bias (Ikhwan's my nephew) but 2 other pics were not very good. Posted by Hello

Khairul Ikhwan's drawing.  Posted by Hello

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