Sunday, March 30, 2008


by Edwards Steeley
(found in The Reading Teacher 48.8 (1995), page 695)

When I was a child,
My favourite time of every day
Came just before my bedtime
When I found a favourite storybook
And climbed on Daddy's lap.
His whiskers brushed my hair
As I leaned back against his chest,
His strong arms reached 'round me
To open our passport to adventure.
I could feel his deep voice rumble
Against my back as he began to lead us
On our evening journey
Oft' we'd tramp the Hundred Acre Wood
Or go Where the Wild Things were.
We steamed down the Yangtze River;
Stood on the banks of
The great, grey-green greasy Limpopo River.
We joined Fern to watch her barnyard friends.
Dr. Doolittle taught us to talk to the animals.
We cried together when our sled dog died
Just before crossing the finish line.
But no matter how far we had roamed,
We always returned safely in time for bed.

And now I prepare for yet another journey
As my curly-haired toddler climbs onto my lap.

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Grow a Reader in Your Home

Dr. Seuss wrote,
"The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.
Start your kids off on their first adventure in books with these suggestions from The New York Times Book Review on Children's Books and Oprah's Book Club!
  • Make a field trip to the library. Oprah says, "Make a big deal about getting a library card!"
  • Try to get children hooked on a favorite author or series. Oprah loved Lois Lenski while growing up.
  • According to the July 2000 issue of Good Housekeeping, 77% of elementary-school students return to school with a reading level below or at the level they had when they left the previous year. Make sure you have books available at home to read.
  • Have your child read aloud so you can gauge their progress.
  • Set a good example. Children need to see you reading!
  • Teach kids that reading is about pleasure.
  • Don't measure by the number of books read, but the time spent reading.
  • Help designate a special reading spot just for your child.
  • Joke books, comics, newspapers, magazines and maps make good reading too.
  • Read the same book along with your child — let your child recommend a book to you!
  • Check out Oprah's reading suggestions for kids of all ages!

Reading Aloud

Research and practice show that one simple activity — reading aloud — is the best way to prepare children for learning to read and to keep them reading as they learn and grow. Reading aloud helps your children develop the language skills that they will use in school and throughout their lives.

Reading aloud also creates a special time for you to bond with your children. Cuddle together as you share adventures. Laugh at silly characters, root for heroes, and wag your fingers at villains. And do it together. At the same time, you'll be helping your children develop a lifelong appreciation for reading.

Why read aloud? Because reading aloud:

  • Is great fun, and it benefits your children's growth as readers and learners.

  • Nurtures your children's love of both the written and spoken word.

  • Gives you a chance to rediscover favorite stories and find new ones.

  • Helps your children develop important language skills that will help them learn to read on their own.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Talk on 'Understanding the aspects of child developments and their implication on the teaching and learning."

Yesterday, I was invited to give a 2-hour talk on the subject mentioned above. As the time given for me to prepare for the talk was quite short (only 2 days), I could not prepare the best that I wished. However, by trying my best, I think I managed to cover the objective of my speech.

The talk was in Malay for more than 50 persons.

Sharing what I know so far about early childhood educations with them makes me realized that there are a lot of others areas that I'm still lacking. I've promised my self that I'll make more research and reference so that, I get more knowledge and my speech would be more realistic.

Anyway, I have one sad thing that I've forgot to do, that was taking some photos during my talk. Usually I'll ask someone from the organizer to help me, but yesterday I completely forgotten. Maybe I'll try looking for some links from Jabatan PASTI Negeri's blog.

Bye for now.


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