Sunday, March 16, 2008

Talk on 'Understanding the aspects of child developments and their implication on the teaching and learning."

Yesterday, I was invited to give a 2-hour talk on the subject mentioned above. As the time given for me to prepare for the talk was quite short (only 2 days), I could not prepare the best that I wished. However, by trying my best, I think I managed to cover the objective of my speech.

The talk was in Malay for more than 50 persons.

Sharing what I know so far about early childhood educations with them makes me realized that there are a lot of others areas that I'm still lacking. I've promised my self that I'll make more research and reference so that, I get more knowledge and my speech would be more realistic.

Anyway, I have one sad thing that I've forgot to do, that was taking some photos during my talk. Usually I'll ask someone from the organizer to help me, but yesterday I completely forgotten. Maybe I'll try looking for some links from Jabatan PASTI Negeri's blog.

Bye for now.

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