Sunday, February 13, 2005

Introducing 'Program Bacaan Awal (BAWAL)' reading set.

Now = RM250 (50% Off) for 50 books + 3 Guide Books + a carrier bag

BAWAL is a set of reading materials in Bahasa Malaysia, a product from collaboration between DBP and Education Faculty of UKM in early 1990. The writers are from the teaching staff of Tadika Taman Siswa UKM as well as lecturers in the Education Faculty of UKM.

BAWAl set is intended to provide the family or child care center with variations of reading materials. The 50 books have variety of topics from fiction, short novels, "berpantun' and 'teka-teki', eg 'Bermain Batu Seremban', 'Dua Kereta', 'Na dan Ni', 'Siapa Saya', etc. Some books are equiped with the 'flip flap' to create suspense while reading the books. The beautiful illustrations complement the sory line.

BAWAL comes in 3 Level: Level 1 - 25 books, Level 2 - 15 books and Level 3 - 10 books. It is also accompanied by Teachers/Parents Instruction Guide. Posted by Hello

CALL 019-9403659 or 09-7653121 for details or log on to .

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