Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Our First Committee Meeting

Date: 01/11/2004
Time: 11.00 am
Venue: DNaZ Bungalow Lobby
Attendees: Nor Haniza, Nor Ilham, Halizan and Sarenawati.
Agenda summary:
1. First RA Session will be on Nov 5 at 10.00 am. Open for children ages 4 -12 years old. Fee; RM3 per kid. Parents are highly welcome too.
2. Tentative:
Sing-a-Song: Children of the World from I Look I See album
Read: Billy the Goat (Big Book)
Post-Reading Avtivities: Drawing & Coloring, word search
1. Many DNaZ's programs will involve RAKB members.
2. RAKB will also organize an RA for teenagers, will be handled by Kak Ina. Proposed date; 28/12/2004.
3. Proposed dates for RA Sessions: 27/11/04, 30/11/04, 04/12/04 and 18/12/04.
Actions to be taken:
Call members - Halizan
Word search - Nor Ilham
Reader - Nor Haniza
Picture findings - Sarenawati


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