Wednesday, November 10, 2004

RAKB has been formed.

Assalamualaikum everyone.

Alhamdulillah... after some research and guidance from Sis Ninuk, finally I have managed to assembled some friends to form Read-Aloud Kota Bharu.

Officially, I've organized a parent-teacher meeting at Dar Nur al-Zahra' on Oct. 16th. 20 parents came and agreed to be members of RAKB. Alhamdulillah once again.

Because of Allah's command and my love for reading, I really would like to spread the message of reading through read-aloud activities. Through reading, we gain more knowledge. Reading brings us together with love, respect, honesty, peace and tranquility.

O Allah! Help me to help others to love reading and enjoy reading your Quran and other materials. Help me to help others make reading a part of their life style. Help me help children wants to read to improve their language skills, communication skills, self-confident and so on.
O Allah! Bless my mission.

Special Thanks to Kak An, Kak Je and Kak Ina for your kind support. Hopefully our RA will be successful in achieving it's target.


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  1. Read-Aloud Kota Bharu Committee

    Chairperson: Nor Haniza Haji Taib
    Secretary 1: Halizan Hussain
    Secretary 2: Sarenawati Jaafar
    Treasurer: Nor Ilham Mustafa
    Faridah Mohd. Yudin
    Faizah Mohd. Yudin
    Misra Jamaludin
    Nik Eliani Nik Nawi
    Norazizah Mohd. Yazid
    Hanani Madiha Hassan
    Anis Idayu Rosli
    Yusnita Yusoff
    Zaini Ab. Samad
    Haniza Abd. Jabar
    Ruzyah Zakaria
    Mohamad Asri Yunus
    Faizah Ahmad
    Nor Hayati Ismail
    Hesseline Surialis Ramli
    Mek Jizah Ibrahim
    Maziah Seman
    Mas Rozita Mas Mohamad
    Salleh Mohamed



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