Thursday, November 18, 2004

Post Mortem report on 2nd. activity.

  • Activities were well received by participants and parents.Most parents and participants haven't experienced such activities and was amazed at how much they had enjoyed the activities.Most participant would like to continue with the reading but since time was up ,they were promised of another reading session soon,insyaallah.
  • Reader was advised to read slowly,since this is the children's first activity and the children will have to adjust their listening skills.
  • Reader should sit on a higher chair because the children who is sitting at the back couldn't read and hear properly.Microphone shoud be used.
  • Late comers didn't register(about two)
  • Kids should be divided into 2 according to age group:
  • Group 1 - 7 and below
  • Group 2 - 8 to 12
  • Everyone should use a name tag(a sticky one)

1 comment:

  1. thanks kak je for the reports. actually there were more than 2 child not regitered.
    maybe we'll have another meeting soon for the next RA.



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