Thursday, November 18, 2004

Report on 2nd. activity(5th.november 2004)

  • Activities:

10.00 a.m -10.15 a.m -sing-a-song - Children of the world
10.15 a.m -10.45 a.m -reading session - Billy the goat
10.45 a.m -11.30 a.m -drawing, colouring, word search.

  • Started on time and ended on time, despite the children wanting the activities to go on.
  • Participants beyond expectations . 34 children inclusive of two 11 yrs. Old and 2 unpaid participants. Participants are mostly from SRI KIBLAH, SRIP and AL-HILAL.
  • Some parents are present.
  • Parents and children are sitted on the floor.
  • Good audio presentation. Good participation during singing, reading, drawing and colouring.
  • The presence of children under 4yrs.old.
  • Distribution of tasks:
    Registration :Nor Ilham Mustafa
    Reading session :Nor Haniza HajI Taib
    Drawing session :Sarenawati
  • Children was not divided into age-groups.

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