Sunday, January 30, 2005

Big Books for Read Aloud.

The big book that we read. 'In the Tall, Tall Grass', priced at RM98.90. Worth it isn't it? Posted by Hello

Kak An reading 'In the Tall, Tall Grass'. "Look! What is that?"..."Who knows how to make the sound of a bee?"... some of the Q. Posted by Hello


  1. whatever price of the "material" is secondary ... the most important thing is the "value" we derived fm what we do. i am sure the fun and joy of RA does not stop at RM98 ...

    keep up spreading the joy of reading ... i told you what ... tak susah kan ... just need to build the courage to be "THERE" !

  2. yes, I agree. the most important thing is courage to be the reader and you enjoy it. everything things will be fun and meaningful if you enjoy doing it.


  3. I believe that all of you are doing a wonderful job in having an English language Read-Aloud community in Kelantan. Kudos to the person who started this interesting group!



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