Sunday, January 30, 2005

We Really Have Fun at RAS

Hi and Assalamualaikum to all members and viewers.

Yesterday, 29-01-2005, we again met at Kidz Corner of Dar Nur al-Zahra' Islamic Community Library for Read Aloud Session. Last time we have 14 kids enjoying the session, yesterday we have 20 kids, including my 2 nephews who have never attend the session. Alhamdulillah, everybody seems to be having fun while they listen to the readers reading those wonderful books.
Kak An handled Group A (4 - 7) by reading 'In the Tall, Tall Grass' big book. I feel sorry looking at her trying to hold the book properly because it's quite big. Insya-Allah, Kak An...we'll practice more. Maybe next time, it would be easier. After reading, kids were given an unfinished drawing so that they can add some animals and insects that they have listen and look during reading session. After that they colored their pictures and I pasted them on our library's wall. Really nice and beautiful.

Kak Ina's reading 'Alfred'. Posted by Hello
At the same time, Kak Ina handled Group B (8 - 12) by reading 'Alfred: The Long Trunk'. Wow! Everyone seems to be captivated by the story. After reading Kak Ina asked the kids to express their feeling by drawing. We called this method, Art Theraphy.
Salute Kak Ina!

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  1. Yes Niza,it was quite hard to balance the book and trying to make the reading as fun as it could be.....i really have to practice more...still reading a bit too fast i think....gotta slow down next time.And maybe have to resort to more translation......looking at bewildered faces of some of the kids...

    Kak An.



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