Thursday, February 24, 2005


  • CREATE A SPECIAL TIME and place for reading aloud in your home.
  • CHOOSE A BOOK THAT IS FUN, exciting , and interesting for both you and your child. If either of you is bored, find another book - there is a book for everyone!
  • PREVIEW YOUR READ-ALOUD BOOK to be sure it has action and emotional impact, so that you and your child can share these experiences together.
  • BE A HAM! Read with expression and feeling - try different voices and sounds - make the snake hissss and the door creeeak! Use pacing by reading slower or faster as the story changes.
  • SIT CLOSE TOGETHER and enjoy each other's company.
  • VISIT THE LIBRARY often and let your child help select books for reading aloud. Ask the librarian for suggestions if you need them.
  • ENCOURAGE YOUR CHILD to be involved by talking about the book. Share your feelings with each other during exciting or sad parts.
  • CULTIVATE THE HABIT of reading aloud by making a commitment - for some families it may take time to enjoy fully and feel comfortable with reading aloud.

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